Basics of Group Dynamics

Leading recovery-support groups is as much about the group as it is about the capacity of the leader. Understanding what makes a healthy group will help you as a leader foster healthy group interaction so that participants are able to work both individually on their personal struggle but collectively as a unit. G4-1We cannot put individuals together and immediately expect them to work together, this will take time and typically follows a pattern of development. Below are the five standard progressions that each group will go through in its development. Continue reading

Navigating the Holidays Healthily

While Christmas and other holidays are meant to be some of the happiest times of the year, often for many people it quickly becomes a time of difficult emotions including but not limited to: stress, anxiety, depression, and grief.greg-weaver-174103-unsplash Compounding the problem of those emotions with the irregularities of schedule during the holiday and the overabundance of people crowding in on you, it can be increasingly difficult to catch your breath and make it through the holidays well. Below are a few recommendations for making it through the holidays well so that they can be restful and enjoyable. Continue reading

Introducing New Members

Introducing a new participant into the pre-existing group is one of the most difficult challenges present in G4 because our groups are open and can be joined at any time. G4-1Adding a new group member to a group that has already built trust can be difficult and that means that the method that is used in each group might vary slightly while the purpose remains the same. New participants should feel welcome by the group and have an opportunity, as much as they are willing, to share a portion of their story. Because each group is different in size and composition, this is much more like an art than a science. Done well, this can allow for a major win, by allowing participants at different stages in their journey to serve as either a reminder of how far they have come or the hope they have before them. Continue reading

9 Steps for Sin-Based & Suffering-Based Struggles

We, The Summit Church, do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution to the struggles of life. Neither do we believe there is any magic in these particular steps. However, we do believe that these steps capture the major movements of the Gospel in the life of an individual. We also believe that it is through the Gospel that God transforms lives and modifies behavior as He gives us a new heart.G4-1 Continue reading