G4 Groups Week 8 Update

Hello Everyone!

This week we will resume going through our Core Values as we typically do at our G4 events during our Large Group time. The hope is that each week you will learn more G4-1about our ministry and its foundation as we strive to serve you. Our Core Values are listed below with this week’s value underlined:

  1. Bible-based and Gospel-centered
  2. Recognize the Difference Between Sin and Suffering
  3. Built on Honesty and Transparency
  4. Uphold Confidentiality
  5. Avoid Struggle-based Identity
  6. Blend Discipleship, Accountability, and a Guided Process
  7. Transitions into Larger Small Group Ministry

Our prayer points for this week are:

  1. Pray for those who are returning to work in the coming weeks as things open up slowly. Ask that God would protect them and those that they are serving in their work.
  2. Pray for the Gospel to continue to move forward, even when we are in situations such as the pandemic that make it more difficult.

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