Volunteer with G4!

Have you overcome a difficult issue of sin or suffering in your life and want to know how you can use the experience to care for others?Did that season of life leave you feeling like you were alone and as if no one else was dealing with the same struggle that you faced? Does that season of loneliness in your struggle motivate you to help others who might be facing the same or similar struggles that you faced? Do you want to see II Corinthians 1:3-5 be expressed through your life?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I would love you to invite you to learn more about our G4 ministry and the opportunities that are available to serve.

What is G4?

G4 Groups generally consist of 4-12 participants who are grouped together to work through curriculum that is tailored to their specific struggle. G4 provides a small group type of atmosphere where people are able to give a period of time to overcoming a life-dominating struggle with sin or suffering. In this environment we provide a safe environment for our group members to safely gain insight and skills that allow them to engage more fully in life and other biblical community.

How Can I Help?

As someone who has personally overcome a struggle with a significant period of sin or suffering it is possible that you could help to facilitate a group. Our group facilitators are asked to walk alongside those who desire to see growth in their particular area of struggle as they desire to walk closer with the Lord. Our goal is that through the process of coming alongside others in a similar struggle, each participant will understand their own sin or suffering story better. Some examples of current groups include:

  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Marriage Betrayal
  • DivorceCare
  • Men’s Purity
  • Women’s Purity
  • Substance Abuse

We are currently looking for leadership in a number of groups like the ones listed above. Additionally, as we prepare to launch a new campus in February 2020 we are looking to start new groups. Training is provided to help leaders understand how to walk with individuals who are struggling within the context of the group. If you are interested in volunteering to facilitate a group, please reach out to our director John Chapman here.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Go Unresolved

No one sets goals to intentionally fail at them, but year after year it happens to people who make New Year’s resolutions. G4-1It’s why the gym is always crowded in January, busy in March, and empty by June. Whether people make resolutions to eat healthier, lose weight, or even become emotionally healthier the goals are often pushed aside if not completely forgotten relatively early in the year. Why is it that people who start the year with so much excitement about change so quickly lose steam?

Change Requires a Process

We often make resolutions in an area of life that we desire to see change happen but have previously been unable to see it through. Continue reading

Which Group is Right for You?

The decision of which group would best serve a new participant is one of the more difficult questions that is asked early in the process of attending G4. G4-1Finding the starting point for each participant can be difficult because some feel as though they have many prominent issues that need to be addressed. Given the limited amount of information that you are given by participants as they register for the first time, you are going to help them decide which group will best serve their needs. Below are five levels at which a person might find themselves which will tell them which group is right for them.

The level of self-awareness will typically increase as you move down the levels. A struggle at a higher level might exhibit symptoms of a lower struggle but without addressing the higher issue first; for example, an addiction should be addressed before a skill. To address a lower level struggle without addressing those at a higher level, it is more likely that the lower level struggle will return because it is a symptom of the other. Continue reading

Structure and Flexibility in the Group

We believe that in order for groups to function properly, there must be structure. Without clear boundaries and framework, each group would begin to evolve into their own separate ministries. The structure and consistency of the groups allows for group members to have security each week when they arrive.G4-1

However, a group that chooses to operate without flexibility built into the structure will cause a group to become stagnant and overly predictable. The following reminders serve to help you understand the balance between structure and flexibility. Continue reading