G4 Groups Update Week 3

Hello Everyone!

We’re on week two of meeting virtually and I hope that we will continue to serve your needs during this difficult time of social-distancing. During this weeks video below we will be walking through the importance of community.

Prayer points for this week:

  1. Pray for all those impacted by the corona virus not just physically but emotionally and those who are impacted with things such as jobs.
  2. Pray for those in healthcare who are working tirelessly to keep others safe.
  3. Pray for parents who are now not only working from home but are full-time teachers/educators/stay-at-home parents.
  4. Pray for G4 leadership, group facilitators, and participants as we all strive to serve and love our community during this time of hardship.

Please continue to look for updates from your group leaders about the specifics of your groups.

G4 Groups Update Week 2

Hello Everyone!

While G4 Groups might not be meeting in person, I would love to take a few moments to encourage you with an update of how groups will be taking place as well as share some encouragement from Isaiah 41: 8-10

This weeks Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for all those who have been impacted by the Corona Virus and those in the at-risk populations.
  2. Pray for our healthcare professionals who are working to keep us all safe and healthy.
  3. Pray for church leadership as they are learning how to care for people in a time of a new normal.
  4. Pray for your group facilitators as they learn the new normal of hosting group virtually.
  5. Pray that our groups would be fruitful during this period where we are not able to meet one another in person.

During these coming weeks when groups will likely not be meeting in person, it will be important to lean on others inside and outside of your G4 community!

We are praying for each of you!

Which Group is Right for You?

The decision of which group would best serve a new participant is one of the more difficult questions that is asked early in the process of attending G4. G4-1Finding the starting point for each participant can be difficult because some feel as though they have many prominent issues that need to be addressed. Given the limited amount of information that you are given by participants as they register for the first time, you are going to help them decide which group will best serve their needs. Below are five levels at which a person might find themselves which will tell them which group is right for them.

The level of self-awareness will typically increase as you move down the levels. A struggle at a higher level might exhibit symptoms of a lower struggle but without addressing the higher issue first; for example, an addiction should be addressed before a skill. To address a lower level struggle without addressing those at a higher level, it is more likely that the lower level struggle will return because it is a symptom of the other. Continue reading