G4 Groups Week 5 Update

Hello Everyone!

During this week we want to take time to pause and intentionally pray. I’ve walked through our prayer points in the video but also listed them below.

First, reflect on Easter and the true blessing it is that we have to celebrate what the holiday represents. Praise the Lord for His kindness in His willingness to send Christ to die for our sins and be raised so that we would be brought back to Him and freed from our sins.

Second, think about all those who listened to an Easter message for perhaps the first time yesterday and were able to hear of the goodness of Christ. Many people made decisions to follow Christ yesterday and we should be encouraged by God’s ability to work during this time of social distancing. Pray for all those who heard and for those who made a decision to follow Christ, ask that they would be encouraged during this time and lean into Christ and their new found faith.

Third, think about those who have been affected by this virus. Perhaps you are one of them. Whether it be concern over your health or the health of a family member or friend. If it’s a job that you’ve already lost or are worried about losing. Even if you know no one personally affected, pray for the strangers who are affected around the world that in some way Christ would provide for them.

Fourth and lastly, pray for those who are working to love and care for those who have been affected. Healthcare workers who are being exposed to the virus on a daily basis. Teachers who are learning how to teach kids virtually for the first time. Pastors and church staff who had to sit home or preach to empty churches during the day of the year that most celebrates the power and compassion of Christ. Truck drivers who haven’t seen their families in a month because they’re driving supplies across country. Store workers who are fighting to clean and stock shelves so we can be safe when making necessary trips out.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Go Unresolved

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